Insider’s Bologna and Emilia Romagna

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Treat yourself to Insider’s Bologna and Emilia Romagna in the company of Fulvio Tomasetta–chef, restaurateur and concert organizer. Bologna is the capital of Emilia Romagna, Italy’s most important food region, and home to the world’s oldest university. It is a sophisticated and elegant city of intellectuals, theater and opera, bookstores and cafes, fashion and architecture, destination restaurants, and specialty food and cooking implement shops to delight any cook’s imagination. Bologna is above all a food lover’s paradise. It is also birthplace of the late Marcella Hazan whose cookbooks have taught Americans to make classic Bolognese dishes for the past forty years.

Dining on Bolognese specialties, prepared with locally produced ingredients, is a holy grail sensory experience of the first order. Imagine how top quality Parmigiano Reggiano tastes, freshly cut from the wheel and grated over a plate of handmade egg pasta, or sweet Prosciutto di Parma, thinly sliced, then wrapped around fried dough and enjoyed with a glass of white wine or bubbly Lambrusco. The fresh pastas there are an art form–tortellini of varying sizes ranging down to the circumference of your baby finger, as well as tagliatelle and many other types, and served with ragu, or cream or a rich meat broth.

We will dine in destination restaurants, enjoy a lunch in a noble villa, learn to make tortellini at home with Fulvio, tour a Parmigiano Reggiano factory, visit a balsamic vinegar distillery, enjoy aperitivi in historic bars and fiaschetterie, browse bookstores and food shops, take day trips to Ravenna to see the mosaics; and have the opportunity to go to Maranello to tour the Ferrari Museum and Factory; attend an opera; and visit the designer fashion warehouses of local makers. No matter what, we will have a rich and exciting adventure! We hope to see you there.

Your all-inclusive week includes:

  • Seven nights in deluxe apartment accommodations in the historic city center of Bologna (all bedrooms are fashionably and recently renovated, with ensuite bathroom);

  • Dinners with outstanding regional wines every night in fine restaurants, trattorie and local homes;

  • A cooking lesson with Fulvio Tomasetta, learning to make authentic Bolognese dishes

  • Visit a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory in nearby Reggio Emilia, and take a walking tour of the beautiful city center;

  • Visit a Lambrusco winery for a cellar tour and tasting;

  • Tour a balsamic vinegar distillery in Modena, and go shopping in the city center;

  • Tour the Ferrari Museum and Factory; or visit a designer fashion warehouse and possibly find some exciting new clothes.

  • Take in an opera at the beautiful Teatro Comunale Opera House;

  • Delicious full breakfast buffets each morning;

  • Tasting lunches on our outings to food and wine producers;

  • A visit to the city of Ravenna for shopping and a tour of their beautiful mosaics;

  • Pick-up and drop-off at the Bologna airport or train station on the first and last days of the tour, and professional van service throughout the week.

  • Tour begins with dinner on the first night and ends with breakfast on the last day.