Cooking, Tasting and Exploring Authentic Tuscany – May 9-16, September 12-19 and October 3-10, 2015

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Awaken to the delights of undiscovered, authentic Tuscany. Come to Radicondoli, a magical 1,000 year old village, and discover a way of life that has disappeared from the famous tourist centers of Italy. Stay in a beautiful, eco-sustainably restored 17th century farmhouse nestled in the hills an easy stroll outside village center. Pluck ripe red cherries from the orchard. Gather nettles from the forest. Make your own ravioli stuffed with fresh ricotta that was made from local sheep’s milk. Embrace simple pleasures in a world away from the ordinary. Let villagers welcome you into their homes, farms and kitchens to share heirloom recipes, family stories, local customs and a great deal more.

Your Tuscan experience begins with a night in a four-star hotel in Florence, where you will have the opportunity to explore the city on your own and rest up before the exciting week ahead. We will pick you up the next day at noon, just outside the city center at the Porta Romana, and take you to Radicondoli, where a your beautiful apartment and a delicious lunch will be waiting for you at Il Bel Canto B&B.



Il Campo Cucina is more than a cooking school. It is an infusion of Tuscan culture where you experience the heart and soul of Italy and the sheer joy of cooking Tuscan style. Bravo!”  -Mary Jane Norton, Washington, DC

“Il Campo Cucina is summer camp for adults!” –Aurora Christophers, San Diego, CA

Il Campo Cucina is a an unforgettable week-long immersion into the delicious, vibrant world of Tuscan food, wine and culture. One day you will learn to make homemade pasta in a farm kitchen, and the next day cook alongside a world famous  chef. Another day you may have lunch with a shepherd and his family enjoying their artisan cheeses, and the next day, tour the campo of a contadino and see how local families produce the food, wine and olive oil that sustain them through the year.  You will witness first hand in numerous ways the Tuscan passion for il campo–”the field”–where sustainability and the good life are time honored traditions.

Il Campo Cucina is a week of true magic, an immersion into the simple true life shared in kitchens and and around a table, hiking farm fields and exploring villages, tasting wines and artisan cheeses. Perhaps most special of all, you will make new friends with people from around the world and become part of a small Tuscan village that will embrace you as family before you say good-bye.

An Invitation

We are much more than a cooking school. Il Campo Cucina is an immersion into the culture and customs of Tuscany, where the wisdom of the ancients continues to thrive in a sustainable way of life that will inspire and enchant  you. Whether you are a serious cook or just want to enjoy great Tuscan meals and wines with terrific people in a beautiful setting, Il Campo Cucina will provide you with an authentic travel experience that you can take home to your own life and kitchen. Join one of our small groups, or bring your own group, for a unique, all-inclusive week of cooking, wine tasting and sight seeing centered in Radicondoli, a storybook village in the heart of Tuscany.




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